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Modern Requirements Showcased by Microsoft as Pioneer of Generative AI to Enhance Productivity

TORONTO, [October 17th, 2023]

Modern Requirements, leading provider of Requirements Management software solutions, has been featured in a recent blog by Microsoft Azure titled “Get inspired: Five Microsoft partners using generative AI to enhance productivity.” The blog, written by Jordan Davis, underscores Modern Requirements’ forward-thinking approach in harnessing generative AI to drive productivity and streamline tasks.

The blog highlights the profound impact of generative AI, including its applications in content creation, scientific advancements, customer service, and marketing automation. It references a McKinsey Global Institute report from 2023, emphasizing that combining generative AI with other technologies can significantly boost productivity growth.

Modern Requirements, alongside other innovative Microsoft partners, has harnessed the power of generative AI through the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. This program provides partners with a wealth of resources, enabling them to develop, market, and sell AI solutions on a global scale. Modern Requirements’ innovative use of generative AI through its tool Copilot4DevOps, showcases the tangible benefits of this technology, empowering businesses to achieve increased productivity and reduce cost in the ever-evolving AI landscape. Copilot4DevOps was also designed to inherit the latest security features and updates from Microsoft and OpenAI for the best possible AI security. At the last Microsoft Inspire Conference 2023, Modern Requirements was even selected by Microsoft to demonstrate the prowess of AI-powered automation through a Case Study and was also showcased as an AI Transformation Partner.

By leveraging generative AI, Modern Requirements has not only automated previously manual and error-prone tasks but also laid the foundation for future success. As a leader in Requirements Management solutions, Modern Requirements continues to drive innovation, providing clients with efficient tools that transcend conventional boundaries.

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About Modern Requirements

Modern Requirements is a leading enterprise requirements lifecycle solutions provider. Its award-winning flagship product, Modern Requirements4DevOps, is fully embedded in Azure DevOps. Referred to as Microsoft’s Requirements Management go-to partner, Modern Requirements has become an industry staple for those positioned on Microsoft’s leading ALM tools – Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps. Modern Requirement4DevOps supports agile, waterfall, and hybrid requirements approaches. It includes an industry-leading feature set with complete project auditability.

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