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Image showing a head with circuits representing DevOps, a dark background, with a Copilot4DevOps Plus logo in the foreground

AI DevOps Simplified with Copilot4DevOps Plus

Generative AI has forever changed how companies do DevOps. AI DevOps will increasingly be involved in nearly every step of the DevOps cycle, from planning to monitoring. When used correctly, it can help you navigate the pitfalls of the process; including misunderstood requirements, spotting patterns in data, team collaboration, test case generation, and more.

For progressive companies, AI is already a key competitive advantage in their DevOps workflow.  By 2022, 24% of respondents in the GitLab 2023 Global DevSecOps Report said AI was part of their DevOps practices. This number likely exploded in 2023 with the mainstreaming of ChatGPT.

However, ChatGPT isn’t custom made for AI in DevOps, which leads to certain limitations. This blog  introduces you to the game-changing capabilities of Copilot4DevOps Plus and explore how its key features can significantly benefit your development process.

Table of Contents

1. Copilot4DevOps Plus: The Next Level of AI DevOps

Copilot4DevOps Plus is the latest iteration of Modern Requirements’ game changing Copilot4DevOps, an AI assistant built into the Requirements Management tool Modern Requirements4DevOps. It brings new features and better performance to increase productivity and save time. Designed to cater to both nimble startups and sprawling enterprises, Copilot4DevOps Plus is the versatile tool that developers, business analysts, system analysts, compliance engineers, requirements engineers, risk engineers, product owners, product managers, and more can use.

For a detailed dive into its features, view the launch webinar below:

2. Differences between Copilot4DevOps and Copilot4DevOps Plus

Copilot4DevOps Plus leverages the latest in AI requirements management to streamline and enhance every aspect of this process. Both Copilot4DevOps and Copilot4DevOps Plus were designed with the following features:

  • Elicit High-Quality Requirements: With just one click, Copilot4DevOps Plus helps you elicit clear, comprehensive requirements from raw requirements data.
  • Analyze Work Item Data: You can improve the quality of your requirements with AI-powered analysis, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Generate Use Cases and User Stories: You can transform raw requirements data into actionable use cases and user stories, bridging concept and implementation.
  • Language Translation: You can improve collaboration between teams through high quality translation of requirements into more than 40 languages.
  • Conversion to Gherkin: You can transform raw requirements data into Gherkin format at the touch of a button to help you better understand your user’s needs.

However, Copilot4DevOps Plus is truly unique because it takes the industry leading Copilot4DevOps’ power to the next level with additional groundbreaking features:

A graphic comparing Copilot4DevOps and Copilot4DevOps Plus, including features, AI models, and price.
Copilot4DevOps Plus has all the features of Copilot4DevOps plus a greater choice of AI models and more processing power.
i. Pseudocode
UI showing pseudocode generation by Copilot4DevOps Plus within Azure DevOps

Facilitate a smoother transition to development with pseudocode generation. You can do this in many common programming languages, including Ruby, Scala, Javascript, and more.

ii. Automated Test Script Generation
User interface of Test script of Copilot4DevOps Plus with a test case related to healthcare

Elevate your testing process with AI-generated test scripts from raw requirements data. Effortlessly create test scripts in various languages, significantly reducing test preparation time.

iii. Dynamic Prompt
A UI of Copilot4DevOps Plus showing its dynamic promptin capabilities.
Dynamic prompts are a powerful way to spot patterns in large data sets.

This is an extremely powerful new feature. You can engage with your projects more interactively, by pairing queries to prompts for more precise outcomes. For instance, you can ask Dynamic Prompts to spot which requirements on a car project are compliant and non-compliant with ASPICE.

iv. Custom Instructions
UI showing Custom Instructions feature of AI Azure DevOps tool Copilot4DevOps Plus, with "More balanced," "Medium," and "Default" options selected.
You can customize Copilot4DevOps interactions with tailored instructions.

With custom instructions, you can refine your interactions with Copilot4DevOps Plus by giving it more specific instructions. These include being able to choose the GPT model, response type, response length and custom instructions. By default, Copilot4DevOps Plus draws from its corpus of knowledge. But with custom instructions, you can give it specific instruction tailored to your needs. 

3. Security and Reliability

AI security is non-negotiable. Security continues to be a key priority for Modern Requirements. This is precisely why Copilot4DevOps and Copilot4DevOps Plus have been designed to inherit OpenAI and Azure OpenAI security protocols.

i. OpenAI Security
Microsoft logo in the background and OpenAI logo on a cellphone in the front.
Copilot4DevOps Plus inherits OpenAI's security policies.

As a result, Copilot4DevOps Plus inherits all OpenAI security policies. These include:

Enterprise Privacy at OpenAI:

  • Data Privacy: Your information is yours alone. OpenAI doesn’t utilize your data to enhance its training models.
  • Data Governance: The power is in your hands. Control access to your data and ensure your models remain exclusively yours.
  • Data Protection: OpenAI’s commitment to SOC 2 compliance and robust encryption, your data’s security is assured.


  • OpenAI does not train its models on your business data.
  • Your company’s internal model is private.
  • OpenAI encrypts all data at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+).
  • OpenAI strictly restricts access control.
  • GDPR and Privacy Laws: OpenAI can support compliance with the Data Processing Addendum.

API Platform:

  • Copilot4DevOps Plus inherits its security from OpenAI’s API platform. This offers access to models and applications, including fine-tuning for use cases.
  • OpenAI brings secure retention of API data with an option for zero data retention.

For more information, visit the OpenAI security blog.

ii. Azure OpenAI Security
Diagram showing how OpenAI relates to Azure and Microsoft services.
Copilot4DevOps Plus inherits Microsoft's Azure OpenAI security policies.

Copilot4DevOps Plus aligns with the data privacy standards of the Azure OpenAI Service, including:

  • Data Usage: We process user data solely to deliver and refine our services, while also monitoring for any policy breaches. Rest assured, your data, including prompts, completions, embeddings, and any training materials, remains confidential.
  • Data Exclusivity: Your data is not shared with third parties, nor is it used to enhance the capabilities of OpenAI, Microsoft, or Modern Requirements’ models. It is also not utilized for product or service improvements.
  • Model Ownership: Models fine-tuned with your data are uniquely yours, safeguarded within your database without being accessed by OpenAI, Microsoft, or Modern Requirements.
  • Secure Environment: Copilot4DevOps Plus operates within Microsoft Azure OpenAI security protocols, which are distinct from OpenAI’s infrastructure.

For an in-depth understanding of how we process your data, visit the Microsoft Azure OpenAI blog.

For Modern Requirements’ AI security policy, visit the AI security blog.

4. Continuing Leadership in AI DevOps

AI is the next generation of DevOps. Companies that use artificial intelligence in their DevOps processes will have a competitive edge in the latter half of this decade and beyond. Copilot4DevOps Plus is at the forefront of this transformation, with a series of industry leading features. The decision is now yours to make- do you want to be ahead of the game by utilizing AI DevOps or will you be left behind?

AI DevOps is the future. Get a Copilot4DevOps Plus demo now.

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