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Import and Export Requirements to
Azure DevOps with

The only ADO-Based ReqIF Exchange Tool on the market

Losing data while sharing requirements with suppliers, clients, or teams using separate formats is frustrating. With the ReqIF4DevOps extension, you can exchange requirements and data efficiently with any tool that supports the ReqIF standard.

Synchronize Your Entire Organization

Single-click export and import of requirements to and from ADO

Compatible with any requirement authoring tool supporting the ReqIF standard

Fully embedded within Azure DevOps

Customizable requirements mapping based on your company needs

Import and Export Requirements with Ease

Accelerate your product lifecycle with one-click importing and exporting of requirements.

Unify your team’s expectations by importing from any requirements authoring tool using the ReqIF format.

Import your requirements first time or incrementally. If you have already imported the requirements once, new work items are not created.

Customize Your Mapping

Use a simple UI to define the mapping of incoming requirements according to your company’s needs.

Configure the mapping yourself or upload a pre-existing mapping file for maximum control.

Customize the name of work items and field types to match internal team/company nomenclature.

Integrated into Azure DevOps

No more switching apps and windows. Like all Modern Requirements services, ReqIF4DevOps is fully integrated into Azure DevOps.

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