Agile/Scrum Solution

The software industry is rapidly moving towards a Customer-centric approach from the more traditional Product-centric approach to defining requirements. Stakeholders are gradually realizing the importance of customer collaboration and interaction over typical documentation and controlled process flows. Requirements definition within inteGREAT provides a flexible framework that completely supports Agile end-to-end requirements development. inteGREAT enables Agile teams to gather software requirements in the form of user stories, assign them to different sprints and maintain a central product backlog in inteGREAT. Since the Agile approach advocates short sprints and less documentation with constant feedback, user stories maintained in inteGREAT product and sprint backlogs, can be tracked, communicated and managed across different teams. This helps them to make informed decisions and stay on track through the whole project duration.

Agile Template

The Agile Template provides a roadmap for requirement development based on the Agile methodology. It provides a basic structure for managing Product Backlog and Sprints where User Stories can be modeled and linked.

Agile Wizards

The Agile Wizards enable users to create Product Backlogs and Sprint Backlogs and add User Stories to them. These wizards provide modeling capabilities for detailed User Stories with their corresponding estimated efforts, story points and acceptance criteria. Moreover, users can define state, scope and risk assessments for each User Story.

Product Backlog Document

The Product Backlog document is the master list of all functionality desired in the product. It incorporates all of the User Stories for the entire project.

Sprint Backlog Document

The Sprint Backlog document is the list of tasks that the Agile team has committed to in the current sprint. This document can be used for reporting requirements to project stakeholders during scrum meetings.

Agile Integrations

inteGREAT provides bi-directional integration with both Team Foundation Server and HP Quality Centre for Agile Projects. This integration manages and exchanges User Stories and their corresponding test cases that are auto-generated by inteGREAT.