Customized Solution

inteGREAT is a meta model driven requirements engineering platform that is highly configurable in order to meet users’ needs. This allows an inteGREAT implementation to adhere to the best practices and methodologies of the organization where it is being implemented. inteGREAT comes with predefined configurations to support the Agile, Scrum, CMMI, Iterative and Waterfall development models. However, organizations often use their methodology or hybrid models that evolve over time, in order to fit their organizational needs.

The ability to configure inteGREAT to align with your environment and project management disciplines, leads to an easier adoption of the technology by direct and indirect users of the system. inteGREAT provides the ability to configure the system in the following ways:

Object Configuration

inteGREAT provides the ability to define Object Dimensions, Objects, Properties, Relations and Relation Properties. Each piece of information in inteGREAT is referred to as an Object. Objects are grouped into dimensions and Objects have properties. Objects can be linked to each other, called Relations. Relations can have properties as well. The overall object configuration is called a Syntax. Users can define multiple Syntax models for different project types. Here is an example of an object taxonomy:

External System Object, Property and Relation Mapping

inteGREAT provides the ability to map inteGREAT Objects to external system objects such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server Work Items and HP Quality Center Requirements