Decision Model

inteGREAT’s Decision Model feature supports the development of organization wide decision model creation and management. Through the Decision Model feature users can model business logic, which includes: organizational business rules, facts, terms and formulas. Users can then generate useful artifacts e.g. Decision Model Diagram, Rule Family Table and Decision Logics.

With the Decision Model users can describe their business rules in a standard model that is universally accepted and understandable to all stakeholders. This approach is efficient as compared to redundantly expressing rules through process models, use cases or activity models, which result in wasted costs, higher error rates, failures in projects, and ultimately application systems that are sub-optimum and lack agility. The Decision Model comprises of a rule family that represents a set of facts and business logic. This collection of facts and their values make up the complete business logic that leads to specific decision/conclusion.


The Decision Wizard enables users to model decisions and Rule Families that lead to specific decisions being made. These wizards enable the modeling of detailed rule families, where combinations of conditions, facts and their business logic, generate various conclusions. Users can define domain values of facts types and maintain a fact glossary of them.

Decision Rule Family Import/Export

Decision Import/Export features enable users to import their rule families and their business logic from external sources and incorporate them into their current project. Similarly users can export their rule families and business logic as separate documents, that can delivered as a useful artifacts to their prospective clients.

Decision Model Test Data

This document gives users test data for decision Fact Types, based on the domain values defined by the users. This data can be utilized while evaluating business logic.

Decision Model Traceability Matrix

This document shows complete traceability related to the Decision Model and its respective Fact Types.

Fact Type Glossary Document

This is a complete Glossary of Fact Types that is used in evaluating any Decision Model. Users can refer to this document in order to have an understanding of the various Fact Types and their meaning, as per their business domain.