Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation

“A non-functional requirement is a specification of how well a software system must function.” Roxanne Miller, Author of The Quest for Software Requirements

Non-functional Requirements (NFRs) are vital to the success of software systems. If Non-functional Requirements are not properly addressed, undesirable results occur such as unsatisfied users, developers, and clients, as well as schedule and budget overruns to correct the software that was developed without the NFRs in mind.

NFRs are difficult to elicit for many reasons. Due to the complexity involved in defining NFRs, inteGREAT includes 14 specifications for Non-functional Requirement Elicitation which catalogue over 2000 questions based on Roxanne Miller’s book, The Quest for Software Requirements.

Each Non-functional Category above, has 6 sub-categories, with its elicitation questions, as follows:

  • Data (What)
  • Roles (Who)
  • Purpose (Why)
  • Timing (When)
  • Logistics (Where)
  • Process (How)

inteGREAT has leveraged this remarkable effort by Roxanne and has incorporated this structure and questions directly into inteGREAT. Analysts who are eliciting NFRs can now use inteGREAT to help remind them of the types of questions they should be considering. The answers to these questions help define the NFRs. inteGREAT maintains the links between the questions and the NFRs. inteGREAT also facilitates the reuse of these resulting NFRs across the enterprise in any new project.