Synch Bridges

Why a Sync Bridge?

As clients strive for more agility and a streamlined Dev OPS environment, having seamless, automated information exchanges between key systems in their ALM ecosystem becomes increasingly imperative.

Modern Requirements recognizes this need and has partnered with two leading Sync Bridge providers to sell and support their solutions.

Synchronization of information between the Modern Requirements4TFS ’ database and dozens of industry-leading ALM ecosystem applications are available out of the box, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

What is a Sync Bridge?

A Sync Bridge is a software application that connects TFS and other applications in your ALM ecosystem. A Synch Bridge can set up as unidirectional or bidirectional, and operates in the background, synchronizing desired information at user-defined times. Support for defects, requirements, work items, test cases, test plans, test results, tasks, suggestions, features, use cases, user stories and many more custom entities can be established in the mapping file. Relationships/ links between entities are maintained during synchronization, while “Change history” is preserved. No additional requirements for TFS are needed to support this type of integration.

Data Migration from your “to be retired” ALM tool to TFS/VSTS is also possible on a project basis.

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