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It's time to create a modern requirements workflow.

Welcome to Requirements Bootcamp

With Modern Requirements4DevOps, you have all of the capabilities required to successfully build your requirements workflow directly within your Azure DevOps project. Empower your workflow with Documents, Diagrams, Mockups and more! Combine this with the ability to easily analyze and manage requirements using Reviews, Baselines, and Traceability Matrices… and you’ve got the future of modern requirements management.

Everything your team needs. One tool. One solution.

Tackle a requirements workflow issue in each weekly topic!

Not an Azure DevOps veteran? No worries… we have Azure DevOps Tutorials to get you in the game!

Week One - Building Requirements Documents

Documents + Requirements

This week we cover reintroducing documents back into your workflow.  Discover how you can build reusable requirements documents directly from within your Azure DevOps project, how your team can build document structure that surpasses Microsoft Word, and more!


Week Two - Creating a Workflow

Manage + Review + Analyze

In this week’s videos we tackle building a full requirements management workflow using 3 simple tools. Using our Review, Baseline, and Trace Analysis tools we cover how teams can stay in collaboration with each other, remain compliant, and are enabled by our tools to conduct deep analysis. This week you will learn how to build this workflow and discover some best practices for requirements management.


Week Three - Building Visualizations in Azure DevOps

Visualizations + Requirements

In this week we cover how you can author requirements through visualizations, and how you can turn those visualizations easily into reports. Our ‘4DevOps modules include three types of visualizations: Diagrams, Mockups, and Use Cases. When using these tools you are able to tie existing requirements directly into your visualizations, or build brand new requirements from these tools themselves. In these videos you will learn not only how to create visualizations but also how to make them a key part of your requirements management workflow.

Week Four- Wrapping Up

Elicitation + Final thoughts

In this week’s content we cover a selection of the remaining tools offered by Modern Requirements and introduce you to the steps required to move forward with MR4DevOps today!

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