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Free Whitepaper: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of
Traditional Reviews & Approvals

*includes a case study*

Who is this whitepaper for?

Some teams rely heavily on reviews, others need to be convinced that reviews provide value to their team. Whether your team uses reviews, or if you still need convincing , this whitepaper is for you.

What you will learn:

  • How Agile and Waterfall teams use reviews
  • The pitfalls of the “traditional” review methods
  • Building actionable reviews faster
  • Moving requirements through the life-cycle
  • Reducing approval delay with better reviews

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Building software trusted by these great companies:

Online Reviews

One fully integrated application that creates a single source of truth for requirements documents, diagrams, mockups, reports, approvals, and traceability.

Support for Compliance Teams

Our tools can be customized to meet the needs of any project using any methodology - we support waterfall, hybrid, agile, and compliant workflows!

Easy Reporting

Turn your Azure DevOps projects into an accessible reporting tool. Our reporting tools make creating reports as simple as clicking a button.

Maximize your team's potential

Use Modern Requirements4DevOps to accelerate project velocity, increase collaboration, and track and trace requirements as they change.

Author requirements your way and use workflows that work!

Whether members of your team build diagrams or documents, our tools allow you to take any approach to creating requirements.

Baseline your requirements before and after reviews to quickly and easily capture changing requirements.

Reduce traceability gaps with reportable end-to-end traceability!

Create Horizontal Traceability Matrices to view your project’s end-to-end traceability in seconds or use the Intersection Matrix to easily view, manage, and change the relationships between requirements. 

Build your Matrix in seconds, and export it to Excel for simple reporting.

Online Reviews

Build living requirements documents that update with your requirements.


Identify and manage changes in requirements over time, and reuse baselines across projects.

Smart Docs

Build fully versionable documents online that can pull in your project's requirements.

Smart Docs

Build living requirements documents that update with your requirements.

FAQ - Question Lists

Build your own question lists to help you elicit requirements, or use our pre-built ISO & NFR templates.

Use Cases

Create Use Cases whose steps can be turned into requirements quickly.

See what our customers are saying

“Modern Requirements was the superior tool of all that we evaluated. Ease to reuse requirements on an enterprise-wide scale was a significant factor.”

Bernard Szymczak

EA Tools, Progressive Insurance

“We jointly developed a repeatable requirements process, while improving our overall requirements productivity by at least 30%.”

Renee Schroeder

Business Solution Architect in IT Development

See our take on Reviews and Approvals

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