• Create complex report based on multiple queries, baselines and reviews.
  • Define content layout and style.
  • Save report as Word and PDF document.

Improve Collaboration

Enables users to display information as it should be viewed by their audience. Provides a familiar and easy to understand format for non-technical stakeholders to review and provide feedback.

Boosts Productivity

Eliminates redundancies like copy and paste; reports and documents can be generated on demand almost effortlessly and templates can be reused, so users never have to manage external documents again.

Define Report Template

Define and configure templates to output user-defined fields/properties and represent information in a customized format.

Create Static Content

Input company logo’s, cover pages, introductory and static content to create reusable document templates.

Use Multiple Queries in Reports

Generate reports using multiple queries and multiple templates. Specify sections within a document to import work item information.

Custom Style Sheets

Apply your own custom style sheets to reports with full control over background, colors, borders, images, filtering, and grouping.