Specification Generation – Smart Report

Auto-generate detailed HTML reports directly from the backlog or query view. Filter, group, sort and export the information as a Word or PDF file.

Use reporting to share information with external stakeholders and generate business or system requirement documents.



Generate HTML Reports

Generate reports comprising TFS or VSTS work items directly from the backlog, query view or many of the modules within Modern Requirements.

Define report templates

Define and configure templates to output, user-defined fields/properties, and represent information in a customized format.

Custom style sheets

Apply your own custom style sheets to reports with full control over background, colors, borders, images, filtering and grouping.

Export to Word or PDF

View HTML reports online and save them as Word or PDF. The formatting from the HTML report is simply grandfathered.


Improves collaboration

Enables users to display information as it should be viewed by its audience. Provides a familiar and easy-to-understand format for non-technical stakeholders to review and provide feedback.

Boosts productivity

Eliminates redundancies like copy and paste. Reports and documents can be generated on call almost effortlessly, while templates can be reused so you never have to manage external documents again.

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