Smart Visio4DevOps

Simplify complex information with diagrams and models and define requirements visually. Smart Visio4DevOps provides an unique and invaluable integration toAzure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps enabling you to easily analyze and link models and diagrams to requirements.

Create new or link existing work items at a page level, or to any shape and connector. Automatically calculate and produce scenarios, use cases and test cases with a click of a button.



Link Visio to Requirements

Create new or link existing requirements to Visio. Use Visio pages, shapes and connectors to create a hierarchy of work items.

Visually Monitor Project Status

Instantly transform Visio into a project dashboard for monitoring progress onAzure DevOps Server/VSTS work item states and easily identify missing requirements.

Generate Scenarios and Test Cases

Auto detect usage scenarios within Visio and publish them toAzure DevOps Server/VSTS along with all associated linked work items covered.

Bulk Add Work Items

Create new or link existing work items to several Visio elements quickly and efficiently with bulk add action.


Reduces UAT Efforts

Provides a head start for quality assurance and user acceptance testing by calculating the various paths and flows within Visio diagrams.

Maintains Traceability

Links information associated with Visio elements toAzure DevOps Server/VSTS work items in one system of record to provide better and more granular traceability.

Improves Requirements Comprehension

Helps stakeholders and viewers better understand requirements, process flows, use cases and test cases along with a visual representation.

Boosts productivity

Leverages existing knowledge stored in Visio diagrams created by business analyst, process engineers and architects, enabling users to build requirements on existing knowledge.

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We got out of the document manufacturing business and experienced a 50% requirements productivity increase in 6 months while reducing development rework from 25 to 2%

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