Working Efficiently with Supercharged Diagramming

Webinar - Working Efficiently with Supercharged Diagramming

Using Modern Requirements4DevOps, you can create diagrams of different types like swimlane, activity and various UML diagrams before identifying requirements based on the activities of the workflow. Then, you can ask the system to auto-generate scenarios, use case and test case artifacts while working directly within Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Collaborating through Review Management

Webinar - Collaborating through Requirements Management

Teams using Modern Requirements4DevOps can turn requirements into documents and have those documents immediately reviewed by any internal or external member of your team. Our solution provides the immediate feedback of an in-person review and fosters rich collaboration, including e-signatures, which is needed for compliance by standards bodies such as the FDA.

Working Smarter with Smart Docs

Webinar - Working Smarter with Smart Docs

Designed to bridge the gap between document and work item management, Smart Docs empowers users with documentation capabilities within Azure DevOps. This means your documents now live within your team’s project, and your team can finally benefit from a complete and central source of truth.