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Using Alice: BA Assistant

Demonstration of Alice: BA Assistant


Tutorial for Alice: BA Assistant

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Our Alice BA: Assistant module is an AI-inspired module built to help your team elicit requirements quickly. By using Alice for elicitation, teams are able to build requirements faster than ever before, without ever having to move their hands from their keyboard.

During the demonstration video above, you will see that Alice not only allows you to quickly elicit requirements, but also provides you with the opportunity to review you requirements before publishing.

Using Alice as a conversational requirements elicitation tool allows you to build requirements, and identify issues before adding requirements to your backlog.

One major benefit of using Alice is the ability to create a conversational structure that is the same every time. By creating a conversation structure with Alice, teams can structure not only the hierarchy of work items, but can also provide the individual pieces of a requirement.

For example, Alice allows you to type a User Story in several steps.
The structure of a User Story is typically:
1) As a [….]
2) I should be able to [….]
3) So that [….]

With Alice, she can ask you who a User Story is being told by (question 1), then ask your contributor what they should be able to do (question 2), and finally ask what they are trying to achieve (question 3.)

This allows you to build User Stories exactly how you want every time.

Follow along with our videos to see how Alice can provide you a fast method of creating multi-tiered requirements.

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