Microsoft unveils new analytics-oriented platform offering

Microsoft unveils new analytics-oriented platform offering

Data management and analytics are becoming more intrinsically intertwined with the applications lifecycle every day, and teams within each business are tasked with tackling the associated challenges as swiftly as possible. Microsoft continues to be a major force in the market, developing and deploying new tools that will help application project managers and stakeholders get the most out of their investments.

A recent eWEEK article explained some of the announcements Microsoft made at its Internet-of-Things customer event earlier this month, including the new Analytics Platform System that will help leverage Hadoop more effectively. Apache Hadoop is one of the more popular, open-sourced analytics platforms currently in use among many different types of businesses, and Microsoft recognized the need for a new component to help get the most out of these solutions.

The source explained that Microsoft’s new platform system is an SQL server-based offering which was only released a few months ago, and officials from the firm believe that it will be critical in the coming stages of general IT management and application development.

“APS is an evolution of our SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) appliance, which builds upon the high-performance and scale capabilities of that MPP [massively parallel processing] version of SQL Server,” Microsoft explained, according to the news provider. “[The APS] now introduces a dedicated region to the appliance for Hadoop in addition to the SQL Server PDW [Parallel Data Warehouse] capabilities.”

Agile web development is contingent upon the intelligence of lifecycle management procedures, which can be bolstered through new analytics solutions and platforms such as this. Coupled with tools that will drive the efficiency of front-end requirements management and record-keeping, such as Smart Office4DevOps, these new solutions will be a formidable force in the application lifecycle management arena.

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