Understand your deployment options


  • Let Modern Requirements handle everything related to your instances: from the setup and infrastructure to security and maintenance.
  • Use our add-ons to customize your integrations.
  • As our clients, you always stay current on new feature releases and automatic upgrades – no manual work is required on your internal systems.
  • Choose this option if you will most likely implement your production solution in house, but want to evaluate it easily in the cloud.


  • Get instant access to our extension on your Azure DevOps account.
  • We take care of everything regarding extensions for Azure DevOps users – you receive release and availability information as soon as it leaves our software lab.
  • The Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) extensions are easily customizable, making your integrations seamless and easy to use.
  • Stay in the know on all the latest features and automatic enhancements.
  • Choose this option if you have an existing Azure DevOps account and / or will most likely implement your production system in the cloud.


  • Modern Requirements enables you and your team to host the server on your internal servers or services like AWS. You can do this behind a firewall that you have build for security maintenance.
  • Use your own Azure DevOps Server process template, complete with any customizations, and your own project data.
  • Apply our Full System Administrator control to fully customize integrations from start to finish.
  • Make easy manual upgrades on new product version releases.
  • Choose this option if you want to try our tool with your existing Azure DevOps Server based project data in house.