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Modern Requirements4TFS is now Modern Requirements4DevOps
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Financial services companies today compete based on product innovation, mass customization and ease of product access by many different groups of stakeholders. Technology, decentralized in many cases, plays a vital role in new product development. In this rapidly changing world, getting requirements right the first time is a critical component to success. Whether you use an Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid project approach, there can be many challenges to hinder modern IT projects. These challenges are forcing financial services companies to evolve in striking a balance between increased compliance demands and market pressures.

Modern Requirements4DevOps is used by
leading financial services organizations around the globe

Archive, maintain and prove compliance

When building solutions, financial services companies need to comply with a remarkable amount of regulatory, compliance and audit considerations – and more are coming.

Compliance with regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MiFid and PCI, as well as best practices ensures quality, reduces risk, and prevents the costly consequences of non-compliance. Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4DevOps) helps you achieve compliance and maintain it as requirements change.

Detailed end-to-end traceability and reporting capabilities provide robust support for audits, so you can prove compliance when needed.

Management visibility & reporting

Managers of projects are often challenged when it comes to managing information on a global scale. Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4DevOps)’ exceptional query capabilities are the foundation for customizable management reporting, and provide overall project visibility through a rich set of reports and dashboards.

Individual, team, project, business unit and organization-wide information is available to management at the click of a button. This helps to ensure that leaders can take a proactive approach to managing projects.

Transition to Agile

Many financial services companies that attempt Agile transition often settle into a hybrid mode of waterfall requirements and Agile DevOps.

They define requirements up front, get them funded and then pass them to the development organization as user stories, to be developed in sprints or iterations. Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4DevOps) supports this Hybrid approach, while also supporting pure Agile, or Agile at scale approaches.

The auto-generation of high-quality user stories in Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4DevOps) ensures business and IT alignment and helps to accelerate Agile transition.


Here at Modern Requirements we pride ourselves on applications that provide unprecedented levels of collaboration.

Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere wherein clients, teams, Stakeholders, and IT teams can review, discuss, and innovate together.

Using our rich, collaborative tools allows you to keep discussions, comments, and approvals in a single database for easy future reference!

View our Review module and see how you can easily adjust review workflows to fit the type and size of a project at hand!

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