Diagrams: Make them, link them and generate test cases

Create diagrams online using a wide range of shapes and connectors inspired by Microsoft’s Visio. Use pre-defined stencils, simply drag and drop shapes and modify properties.

Link your diagrams to requirements, mock-ups, use cases or tasks. Drill down and continue to decompose information or use the Analysis tab to automatically generate test cases and scenarios.



Link requirements to shapes and connectors

Define requirements and link them to shapes and connectors within your diagrams, to provide clarity and validation.

Auto-generate test cases and usage scenarios

Use the analysis tab to automatically calculate the various paths and flows within your diagrams. Create usage scenarios or generate test cases with steps and expected results.

Navigate through diagrams

Drill down on shapes and link them to other diagrams, use cases or mock-ups. When viewers click on the linked shapes they can navigate to the referenced files.

Comments and discussion

Built-in panel where users can provide comments and participate in a discussion. Use the @ control to notify team members or the # control to reference a work item.


Collaborate visually

Visuals grab and engage attention, increase credibility in our messages and are much more flexible than verbal or textual communication. In doing this your audience will view information with greater clarity, helping avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Reduces UAT efforts

Provides a head start for quality assurance and user-acceptance testing. This is done by calculating the various paths and flows within diagrams and using them to generate test cases.

Get started

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