Collaboration – Review Management

Manage your reviews and approval requests online. Create review packages to gather feedback, or request approvals with or without e-signature.

See responses in real time, respond and collaborate on requirements. From there you can create new tasks or actionable work items as required.



Create review packages

Create new review requests on TFS and VSTS work items, describe the purpose of the request and send it to stakeholders to gather their comments and approvals.

E-Signature Request

Select an E-Signature Request so users can enter their passwords before approving or rejecting a review. This function helps support compliance for regulated industries.

Auto-change work item states

Select and define work item states to transition from a pre-review state to a post-review state once work items are all approved at individual level or package level.

Close or cancel reviews

Initiators can close a review or cancel it at any time. At this point of time reviewers and approvers will no longer be able to respond, but can still view packages in a read-only mode.

Response panel

View responses in an interactive panel thread that displays comments, approvals and rejections. Users can notify other users of a comment using the @ symbol followed by their name.

Take action

Use comments, feedback and rejections to create new TFS/VSTS work items such as tasks, or add new requirements.

Manage reviews

Requested reviews can be organized and managed in folders and sub folders so that users can easily keep track and manage their requests. A bar graph is displayed in the details section where users can easily view the status of their requests.

Send reminders

Initiators can easily send reminders with email notification to the requested reviewers, and approve reviewers who have not provided their responses.


Improves collaboration

Review requests can be accessed and managed online with comments and discussion that can be performed and tracked in real time.

Supports compliance and audits

Users can track and manage reviews stored directly in the system of record. They can also request an e-signature which is commonly required for regulated industries.

Improves response rates

Notifications help remind stakeholders of pending reviews which helps them manage their time and stay organized.

Improves productivity

Users can efficiently create new work items such as requirements and tasks directly from the review panel and respond to comments quickly.

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