Improve Project Quality

Visually track relationships between requirements, test cases and any linked work items. Analyze impact of change requests and prioritize them more efficiently.

Improve Change Management

Save time and improve estimates by predicting consequences and disruptions that may be caused by change requests. Identify potential consequences of a change and estimate modifications and level of effort required to accomplish change before implementing them.

Capture Impact Details

In the Analyzer page, enter impact details as you navigate through the various items and create a summary, new work items such as tasks and requirements.

Email Analysis

Send an email to multiple stakeholders outlining the details of the impacted Azure DevOps work items in your assessment.

Navigate Work Items

While in the mind map view hover over any linked work item and click on analyze to make it the root and view its branches.

Create Links to New or Existing Work Items

Hover over any work item and click on the add link button to create new work items or link to existing work items.

Automatically Creates a Mind Map View

Simply select a work item, click on analyze and view the item and all of its links in a mind map view. Images associated with the item will be displayed in thumbnails for quick access.


Launch the impact analyzer from multiple locations including the backlog, queries and from anywhere in Modern Requirements4DevOps .