• Like OneNote manage your notes.
  • Eaily attach files to notes!
  • Share project artifacts with stakeholders such as meeting minute and meeting agenda.

One Place for all of Your Notes

Smart Note has you covered regardless of the way you shape your thoughts and ideas in one place. Type and move your notes anywhere on the page.

Get Organized

You start with Smart Note – everything lives in here. Add as many pages as you need within the folder hierarchy and put your notes in these pages to organize the requirements. Create tables, insert hyperlinks and link with other requirements – Smart Note lets you do all that with your notes on a page and so much more.

Version management

Files can be saved locally and only published to Azure DevOps when ready with “Check-in-Changes.” The feature also ensures that, when someone is working on the visual, no one is able to make changes or edits until it’s checked back in.

Link to Web Pages

Link your notes to web pages or turn selected text into a hyperlink. You can also remove the links between notes and web pages.

Manage Notes in a Folder Hierarchy

Create new folders using the folder explorer to maintain files in hierarchy. The data is stored in Azure DevOps source control, enabling the system to maintain version history.

Tag Items

Highlight what’s important and express ideas by applying tags on your requirement items. And make a checklist and to-do lists for your requirements to remember important stuff.

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