Running Queries

1. Open a Word Document

2. Select Smart Word4DevOps tab.

3. Choose a team project

Alternatively open a ‘Smart Document’ – a Word document that is already connected to a Team Project.

4. Click on the Queries button drop down arrow on the Smart Word4DevOps menu ribbon.

5. Select the required query from the query tree.

6. The result of the query will appear in the document with a bulleted hierarchy representing the Work Item hierarchy.

Since the Work Item description is a rich text field, its content may have images, tables and other formatted text.

Q: How do I get the Work Items to appear in Word in a format of my choice?
A: If you have defined ‘Smart Parts’ then the Smart Parts will be used to show the Work Items in Word. If the ‘Smart Parts’ have not been defined then Smart Word4DevOps will use predefined format. Click here to see how to define ‘Smart Parts’ to generate custom specifications.

Now you can edit the work items and publish the changes toAzure DevOps Server.

7. To make edits update the content within the content controls (fields where content fromAzure DevOps Server are presented). In the example below I have updated the title and added a table to the description.

8. Click on the ‘Publish’ button

9. To openAzure DevOps Server Web Access put your cursor on any field of a Work Item in Word and click on ‘Open in Web Access’

10. The browser will be opened for the Work Item.

You will see that the title and table have been updated.

Now you can edit the Work Items inAzure DevOps Server Web Access and get the updates in Word

11. Now make a change to the Work Item inAzure DevOps Server Web Access; I have added one line to the description and updated the title

12. Now refresh the Work Item content in Word by click on ‘Refresh’

13. You will see the Word document updated with the values you created inAzure DevOps Server

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