Smart Docs

Smart Docs is a Word-like authoring tool that is available online and located in the user interface of VSTS or TFS. It enables you to author VSTS/TFS work item content in a document view, using a complete set of rich text controls built in it.



Author and capture requirements

Author requirements in a document view. All while capturing them as work items in the database automatically, complete with appropriate parent child links.

Freedom of choice

Choose which requirements to put in an authoring template. You can select duplicate sections by choosing from recursive topics at any level.

Use Smart folders

Create folders for each Smart document type. Store authoring and output document templates and reuse them at your convenience.

Give broader context

Insert visuals to provide context for your readers. Add rich text, diagrams, images and tables in line with requirements in any SmartDocs template.


Displays a decluttered, WYSIWYG view

View the system requirements you need, minus the clutter of business requirements and other items.

Familiar setup

Organize work the way it makes sense for you, while aligning to your current business practices.

Speedy document generation

Generate Smart Report output with a few clicks and start your project quickly.

Wider stakeholder context

Create rich requirements or user stories and give context to stakeholders.

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