Modern Requirements4DevOps with Azure DevOps Server (formerly TFS)!

Modern Requirements4DevOps with Azure DevOps Server (formerly TFS)!

Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) uses Microsoft Azure DevOps Server (previously known as Azure DevOps Server) as its database repository and application server, pairing a world-leading ALM solution with a full requirements management suite.

Here at Modern Requirements we have chosen to embed our solutions into Microsoft’s on-premise Azure DevOps (TFS) for the following reasons:

  • Scalable to over 25,000 users, 6,000 projects, 100 million files and ten million records, Azure DevOps Server is a robust and proven platform.
  • Supported by a large body of operational knowledge, Azure DevOps Server offers a platform with thousands of contributing, professional administrators.
  • Multitier security and access control using Active Directory make Azure DevOps Server a leader in the industry.

Deploying Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) offers benefits for every individual within your development process. Whether you subscribe to CMMI, AGILE, BABOK, SCRUM or a unique hybrid process, Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) is ready to inherit your process and get you started.

With Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS), your team can create test suites, source code repositories, control builds, and manage requirements from a single interface. Seamlessly move from dealing with source code to creating easily presentable Smart Reports, Diagrams, and Traceability Matrices all within the same tool.

Increase Shareholder inclusion in the elicitation and authoring of requirements and create requirements that translate into accurate Work Items simpler and more efficiently. Using Modern Requirements tools ensures that the product your development team creates is the correct product the first time.

From Diagramming, Document and Report creation, Trace Analysis, Use Case and Mockup creating, Automatic Test Case and User Story generation, features to Analyze your content and so much more!

See how our requirement management features can help you reinvent your team’s approach.

Relax with the increased safety of an on-premise solution. Use your current Active Directory setup and restrict access to your Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) implementation using Active Directory User Groups – in fact it inherits the security from Azure DevOps Server (TFS). Simplify access and account management by allowing workstation logins to automatically login to Azure DevOps!

Create an “in the dark” implementation that offers you unrivalled levels of security. Adhere to the strictest of data security policies by allowing network-only access and ensure your data stays safe and compliant.

Still not sure if Azure DevOps Server is right for you?

Request a Demo and speak to an expert about how Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) can fit your unique needs!

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