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Meet Alice: Your Cognitive Assistant for Business Analysis

Your requirements gathering is about to get easier, better and faster. How? Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The most tedious part of the requirements process can often be gathering and elicitation. Yet that part of the process is well-suited for AI’s capabilities.

Requirements Management Tools for the Product Engineering Industry

AI Comes to Business Analysis And Requirements Gathering

We’ve talked to thousands of business analysts, and we hear your frustrations. Of course, we feel Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) is the best solution to alleviate many tedious manual requirements functions that you perform today like creating trace reporting, managing the impact of change and tracking approvals. Plus, we’ve been working behind the scenes to build something that eases even more requirements frustrations.

Before we dig into it, a little background. You’ve probably seen terms like “machine learning,” “artificial intelligence,” and “cognitive computing” used interchangeably. While they all mean, generally, “computers helping humans figure stuff out,” there’s more to it. The differences between the terms provide significant insight into what Modern Requirements has built to make your life easier.

First, “machine learning” implies that the computer “learns.” That’s how we use it: the algorithms built into Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS) help it learn to see and recognize patterns in your requirements data (and from other sources, noted below). Then, “artificial intelligence” might be considered a superset of the machine learning capabilities that enable an app or algorithm to make “intelligent” decisions or judgments based on the insights from that machine learning. However, the third term, “cognitive computing,” is the most important. It’s what you get when you put the data and the insights together. It enhances and accelerates your own thinking, pointing out patterns and insights you may not have seen without its capabilities.

Meet Alice, your cognitive BA assistant. Alice augments and enhances your business analysis. Built on Modern Requirements’ collaborative cognitive framework, you can draw on all the data appropriate to your projects. That data might be internal project and program knowledge or knowledge in your company’s intranet. It could even be public data available on the Internet.

No matter where you tell Alice to look for data, as you train the system it gets smarter over time, finding patterns and insights.

What kind of data might you use? You might use goals, objectives, value drivers, value streams, programs, projects, initiatives, strategies, tactics, processes, and business activities. You might use internal organization charts, business functions and roles. You may even choose to look at products and services, sales channels, policies, rules and regulations. Or look externally to customers, vendors, competitors and regulators.

No matter what data you choose, you’ll see rapid results. Alice’s capabilities are going to be rolled out incrementally in 2018; Initially, in the first iteration, Alice will help you manage complexity and elicit requirements. You’ll see a marked change in the speed and insights you’ll receive.

Give it a try now. If you’re not already using Modern Requirements4DevOps (aka MR4TFS), we invite you to give it a try.

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Reduce UAT Efforts

50% Reduction in UAT efforts

Proven Time Saving

80% time saving on creating Trace Analysis

Streamline Approvals

Significant reduction in approval delays

Increase Performance

50% requirements productivity improvement

Reduce Rework

10-fold reduction in development rework

Simplify Compliance

40% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

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