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Azure DevOps

Smart Office4DevOps

Connect Microsoft Office to Azure DevOps Server.


Smart Office4DevOps. A simple yet powerful set of light-weight plug-ins for Microsoft Office that provides bi-directional connectivity with Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Server and Visual Studio Team Servers. Smart Office4DevOps enables teams to define requirements and create software specs using the familiar Office applications: Word, Visio, Excel and Outlook. With Smart Office4DevOps users can:

 Efficiently and easily import requirements from Word documents.
 Automatically produce documents using customized Word templates.
 Quickly and easily create new and edit existing requirements directly in Word.
 Keep documents in sync with Azure DevOps Server or Azure DevOps and avoid the risk of out-dated requirements.
 Link Visio diagrams to work items and auto-generate test cases and usage scenarios.
 Configure, generate and automatically produce traceability matrices in Excel.
 Easily convert Outlook e-mails and tasks to Azure DevOps Server or Azure DevOps work items.

Customers of Modern Requirements - MassMutual

We got out of the document manufacturing business and experienced a 50% requirements productivity increase in 6 months while reducing development rework from 25 to 2%

AVP BA Partner Delivery Services

Smart Word4DevOps

Gather and define requirements, complete with rich text, table and images directly in the familiar and easy to use Word interface, Design customizable reusable templates to help users define new requirements or use them to generate documents on call.

Eliminate redundancies like copy and paste, and import document data easily and efficiently. Smart Word4DevOps maintains documents in constant synchronization with Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps so that your documents never go stale and helps you avoid missing and out-dated requirements.

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Smart Visio4DevOps

Simplify complex information with diagrams and models and define requirements textually. Smart Visio4DevOps provides an unique and invaluable integration to Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps enabling you to easily analyze and link models and diagrams to requirements. Create new or link existing work items at a page level, or to any shape and connector. Automatically calculate and produce scenarios, use cases and test cases with a click of a button.

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No Need to Learn New Tools

Empowers all project stakeholders and business analysts by enabling them to work on Azure DevOps Server based projects while using a familiar tool. Smart Word4DevOps offers easy transition between word processing and work item management.

Connect Siloed Workflows With Smart Visio4DevOps

Working with Visio helps to visually organize and share our thoughts and plans. However when the information from the diagram needs to be created in Azure DevOps Server as requirements, user stories and tasks, Smart Visio4DevOps allows you to create all Work Items directly from Visio.

Better Verification and Validation Using Smart Excel4TFS

With the proper linking of Work Items, the matrix can provide an organized representation to know the location of requirements and where they need to be placed. A traceability matrix gives a concise and interlinked picture of work items in just a glance.

Unleash the Power of Team Projects With Smart Outlook4TFS

SmartOutlook4TFS lets you connect to multiple Azure DevOps Server servers, Project Collections and Team Projects simultaneously, allowing you to interact seamlessly with all of them.

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