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May 19 - 2021

In this update we have added following new features and enhancements.

Admin Panel

New Features

1. Parameter Configuration in Admin Panel: In “Admin Panel” under “General” tab, a new section has been added namely “Parameter Configuration”. From this section users can “Check” or “Un-check” the check box to “Show” or “Hide” the “Configure Parameter” option in Smart Docs module.
Also, users can select a “Field to match” from the drop down which contains some specific drop down fields and user can select from those fields only. This field will be used to match the value between the parameter(s) and the work items in which the respective parameter(s) are referenced. If the value of the fields will match then the value of parameter will be replaced in Smart Report and Smart Docs otherwise the value will not be replaced.

2. Default font size and family settings for Smart Editor: Userscannowsetdefault“Font Family” and “Font Size” for text in all of the HTML work item field tabs in Smart Editor through a new tab of “Smart Docs” in “Admin Panel”.
A section named “Font settings in Smart Editor” is included in the respective Smart Docs tab. Users will be able to select a specific “Font Family” from a list of options along with “Font Size” and the configured settings will be applied in “Smart Editor” from wherever its accessed including “Smart Docs module”, “Extension points” and “Smart Docs View tab in Review”. However user can explicitly change these settings which will only be applicable for the respective module and explicit changes will not be applied globally. The default settings in admin panel will be Font Family = ‘Calibri Light’ and Font Size = ‘14’.

Smart Docs

New Features

1. Reflection of change type of work item on Smart Docs grid: The type of work item updated from ADO Editor will now be reflected in Smart Docs grid and user will be able to view it from both ‘Document’ and ‘Compare’ tabs. The work item(s) whose type has been successfully changed will be shown “Pink highlighted” on Smart Docs grid whereas the work item(s) whose changed type is not supported in the respective meta template will be shown “Red highlighted” on Smart Docs grid and will be removed from the smart document. User will also be notified if the type of work item(s) has been changed, on opening an existing smart document.

2. Configure parameters in Smart Docs: Users can now add parameters in Smart Docs through “Configure Parameter” option on tool bar. On clicking this option, a pop-up will open with the following options in it:

  1. Field value drop down: The label of this drop down is dependent on the “Field to match” selected from ”Parameter Configuration” section in “Admin Panel”. This drop down consists of all the values that exist in a project for the selected “Field to match” and user can select any one value from it for which parameters can be configured.
  2. Tool bar options:
    1. New parameter: Users can add a new parameter row through ‘’ option provided on the tool bar. For each parameter row, users can define “Parameter Name” and “Parameter Value”.
    2. Save: Users can save the configured parameter settings through ‘’ option on the tool bar for each value of “Field to match” and these settings will be retained if another value is selected from the drop down or another “Field to match” is selected.
    3. Copy: Users can copy one or multiple selected parameters through ‘’ option on the tool bar.
    4. Paste: Users can paste the copied parameters through ‘’ option on the tool bar from one value of the ‘Field to match’ (selected from admin panel) to another value (selected from drop down of configure parameter pop-up).
    5. Delete: Users can delete one or multiple selected parameter rows through ‘’ option on the tool bar.
      1. Users can also perform delete on a single parameter row through the ‘‘ option provided in front of each row.

After configuring parameter settings from ‘Configure Parameter’ pop-up, users can then reference the respective parameter(s) in one or more HTML fields of work items in the correct format i.e. {{Parameter Name}}. The value of the referenced parameter(s) will then be reflected in Smart Report and Smart Docs grid along with the generated reports through tool bar options of “Save as Word & PDF” for the respective work items in Smart Document.

Tool Enhancements

1. Table border settings in Smart Editor: Following options have been introduced in addition to the existing ones for “Table Style” and “Cell Style” in Smart Editor:
a. Cell Style: Under table properties in Smart Editor, in “Cell Style” drop down, the “Highlighted” option has now been renamed to “Red” and in addition to that, following new colors are added which can be applied on table borders:

Color Name
R,G,B Code
Mountain Meadow
Chateau Green
Persian Green
Boston Blue
Cerulean Blue
Pickled Bluewood
Energy Yellow
Sea Buckthorn
Burnt Sienna
Lightning Yellow
Well Read
b. Table Style:
  1. Border Style: Under “Table Style” drop down, in addition to the existing border styles following new styles have been added which can be applied on table border:
    1. Doted
    2. Double
    3. Groove
    4. Ridge
    5. Inset
    6. Outset
  2. Border Width: A new option has been added in the “Table Style” drop down, user can now choose from multiple points to increase or decrease table “Border Width”.

Smart Report

New Feature

1. Insert Caption for tables Users can now insert table captions through smart report designer. It will automatically number your caption of tables providing better usability to users. Users can apply caption on section type “Table”, “Form as table” and “Make table” as desired.

MR Agent

Tool Enhancements

1. Effective logging is implemented: INow effective logging has been implemented in all services under MR Service (except for *Email Service)
  1. MatCal
    1. Numerical value from String field is extractable: Specific function to support this capability is added that can extract numeric value from string field value, for further processing.
    2. Special round up capability is provided: Capability to round up to -1 decimal points. e.g. 0.00425 round up to 0.01 is being provided for specific requirements.
  2. Suspect Link
    1. Loading time on UI is improved: Loading time in case of multiple source work item(s) or groups is being enhanced.

Bug Fixes