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Featured Articles

SoftwareReview Gold Medalist

Rely on award-winning solution to power your project & requirements lifecycle in Azure DevOps

Modern Requirements is the only requirements management solution built directly in Azure DevOps and a gold medalist named by independent IT research firms.

Whitepaper: How to Facilitate Risk Management for Medical Devices within Azure DevOps

In this whitepaper, we will describe how to facilitate risk management for medical devices directly in Azure DevOps. We will focus on how manufacturers can achieve ISO 14971 compliance and overcome key challenges in the process.

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A futuristic image of man sitting at a desk and managing virtual documents.
Azure DevOps Document Management with DMS: A Guide
Image showing a head with circuits representing DevOps, a dark background, with a Copilot4DevOps Plus logo in the foreground
AI DevOps Simplified with Copilot4DevOps Plus
Modern Requirements4DevOps 2024 Vnext webinar image with text on the left and the DevOps cycle on the right.
Webinar Recap: Unveiling Modern Requirements4DevOps 2024
Graphic showing a circuitboard face on the right and information about Modern Requirements and Copilot4DevOps on the left.
Webinar Recap: Copilot4DevOps Plus: Enhancing Your Azure DevOps Workflow
An illustration of Requirements Elicitation Techniques in an office setting
Best Practices for AI Requirements Elicitation Techniques
Mastering Medical Device Software Development with Requirements Management
Using Smart Notes
Modern Requirements and Barbara Carkenord webinar banner in purple and white with geometrical layout.
Webinar Recap- From Chaos to Clarity: Automating Requirements and Their Complexities
Webinar Recap: The Power of Generative AI in Requirements Management
Modern Requirements logo tied closely with the Microsoft and OpenAI logos via their AI requirements management solution.
AI Security and Data Privacy with Copilot4DevOps
Accelerating DevOps with AI by Modern Requirements
A Roadmap to AI DevOps at Info-Tech LIVE 2023
Hardware project manager checks the supply chain against initial requirements.
AI in Requirements Management: Everything You Need to Know
AI Copilot4Devops tool in use for requirements management
AI in Requirements Management: Copilot4DevOps
Unlocking Efficiency and Flexibility: The Power of Variant Management
Versions of the same document shown in descending order of size and version number
Version Control Best Practices for Efficient Software Development
Fast moving traffic overlaid with abstract compliance, legal, and technical icons.
Everything You Need to Know about ASPICE (Automotive SPICE) Compliance
Icons and text describing requirements management activities like gather, analyzing, defining, prioritizing, and validating requirements.
Requirements Management in Banking and Finance Software Development
Revolutionizing Automotive Project Management with AI Automation
Version Management and/or Variant Package Management by Modern Requirements through the managing of multiple versions, fixes, features, and bugs represented by an interlocking timeline structure with blue, green, yellow, and red dots.
Introducing Version and Variant Management
Illustration of Modern Requirements' baselining capability as an icon connecting to other icons like a lock, a sprocket, a cloud, a check mark, a link, a share, and a message.
What is Baselining and what is a Project Baseline?
BABOK Guide graphic showing queries, connectivity, project tracking, cloud, and team collaboration.
What is BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge)? A comprehensive guide
Introduction to Requirements in Azure DevOps
What Is Impact Assessment in Azure DevOps?
Whiteboard showing steps used in Kanban framework for workflow visualization
How to use Kanban Method in Agile and DevOps development
team collaboration using requirements management tools
Understanding the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Process
team collaboration using requirements management tools
The Essential Guide to Requirements Management
Understanding DevOps and how to Automate It
Documenting Azure DevOps Test Plans
parameterized requirements thumbnail
Parameterized Requirements
Word Import Configuration
Word Import UI
Microsoft and Modern Requirements Host Free Webinar on Preparing for the Future of Requirements Management
How to Facilitate the Medical Device Design Controls in Azure DevOps
7 Tips on Choosing the Right Requirements Management Tool
Modern Requirements4DevOps Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Test Hub Reporting and Trace Analysis with Modern Requirements4DevOps
Now Released: Modern Requirements4DevOps Update 1
Tackling Common Challenges to Requirements Management, through MR4DevOps
Export your Test Results Using Modern Requirements4DevOps
A Quick Guide to Modern Requirements Licenses: What, Which and Why
Understanding the Admin Panel: Licensing and Module Configurations
Participate in Requirements Authoring Using Email Monitor
Managing Suspicious Requirements with Automatic Flagging
How to Make Your Requirement IDs More Descriptive and Distinctive Using Custom ID
Facilitate the Medical Device Design Controls with Modern Requirements
Digital Project Manager: An Overview of Modern Requirements4DevOps
Now Released: Modern Requirements4DevOps 2020
Introduction to Rights Management
Using MatCal to Perform Mathematical and Logical Calculations in Modern Requirements Management
Reusing Requirements
Importing Requirements to Azure DevOps

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Reduce UAT Efforts

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Proven Time Saving

80% time saving on creating Trace Analysis

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Significant reduction in approval delays

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10-fold reduction in development rework

Simplify Compliance

40% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

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